What’s the Weirdy Wordy?

The Weirdy Wordy is the official newspaper of the town of Oddland. Subscribe to get a weekly news blast of all the happenings going on about town. There’s definitely nothing strange or nefarious brewing in our quaint little Oddland. Nothing strange afoot at all.

You should join the circulation of the paper, to help us expand our empire further. Let us get Oddland out to the rest of the world. Then phase two can begin.

Okay that wasn’t super helpful, what’s the Weirdy Wordy actually?

It’s a fictional weekly newspaper for a fictional town. Think: The Onion meets Nightvale, with a healthy dose of just like, an entire pile of garlic on the floor of your bathroom and you have literally no Earthly idea how it could’ve gotten there. Like, dozens of pounds of garlic, so much. What can I even do with all of this garlic? I guess I can freeze it…

The people of Oddland sure do get up to some weird stuff.

Weird, but okay. Who are you?

My name is Mike V. and I’m the editor-in-chief of The Weirdy Wordy. I’ve been a writer and editor in some capacity for the past ten years and I’ve been alive for most of that time as well.

Anything else I should know?

New issues release every Wednesday at 1:00pm Eastern.