Trimmed, Plunged, Read Aloud, IRL, Bring the Chips
We're Back, He's Back, No Take Backs, Back to Back, Pain in the Back
Arrival, Terminator, Fear and Loathing, Fellowship, Fury Road
Pranked, Chomping Down, Harbored, WOODEN, Snoozeball
Slippage, New Crew, Decree, No Woof, Maniac
Do You Have The Time?, Mayor Located, Doggos, In The Family, Getting Used To It
Gone, Trapped, Thrifty, Crafty, Mind-Killer
Unemployment, Emergent See, Burning Sensation, Lunch, Recycling
Out of Breath, Migraine, New Plastic, Choose Your Garbage, Old Plastic
Does, Anyone, Even, Read, This?
Jack, Kong, Deep, Stomach, The Two of Them
Danger Tubes, Torture Tubes, Chicken Tubes, Carbonated Tubes, Pig Tubes